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Maggie was my first dog and like most new owners I purchased the most expensive dry dog food available, trusting what the label said. Maggie was a happy, playful pup but she always seemed to scratch and chew her feet. I thought this was normal behavior for a puppy. She was six months old when I took her to the vet with her first ear infection. The vet prescribed antibiotics, steroids and some ear drops. After two years with little improvement, and four different vets, Maggie had to undergo major surgery to have her left ear canal completely removed. The cost was well over $10,000. The vet looking after Maggie during her recovery mentioned that her infections might improve if her diet was changed, so I started researching commercial pet food and was shocked by the ingredients I saw! I realized it was possible that the dry processed food I had been feeding Maggie was making her ill. I had always been very conscious about what I ate, avoiding processed foods, and I quickly learned this was just as important for Maggie. I found a recipe for a raw dog food diet and was convinced that this was the right thing to do for Maggie. My weekends were now full of shopping for fresh ingredients, grinding them up, portioning, and then packaging each of Maggie’s meals before storing them in the freezer. She loved her new food! Within days she was clearly feeling better! We were able to stop all her medications, the color and shine returned to her coat, and she was full of energy. I had my wonderful puppy back! I had been the top chef in a number of exclusive resorts for years, so I decided to put my experience to use, and set out to make the healthiest, most natural pet food I could. I use only the freshest ingredients from the best sources, and my recipes and blends have been perfected over the years with the assistances of vet nutritionists. They are laboratory tested for safety, and checked for balance and completeness. I sincerely believe we now produce the best pet food on the market. My new state of the art factory has been built to ensure the highest standards of health and safety, and I am proud to source all our ingredients from American farms. You have my promise that we will continue to strive to make the very best pet food possible.


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