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To Cook Or Not To Cook? Part 1

To Cook Or Not To Cook? Part 1

15th Jun 2016

Many hard core raw feeders are often aghast at the idea of anyone cooking for their pet.  For those interested in learning more about the pros and cons of feeding raw compared to cooking for … read more

Avoiding Bloat - Naturally!

26th Feb 2015

Bloat in dogs can be a killer - and sometimes by the time you've even noticed something is very wrong, it can be too late.  Dogs fed processed food are five times more likely to suffer from bloat … read more

Can your dog or cat catch salmonella from raw pet food?

23rd Nov 2014

Many people are often put off from switching their cat or dog to a raw diet because of the fear of their pet or family contracting salmonella and other nasty pathogens found in raw meat.  This fe … read more