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Did you know your dog can smell stress?

19th Jan 2015

New research has shown that some dogs can actually smell cortisol - the stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands.  Having correct cortisol levels can help people fight infection, and they ar … read more

Dr Becker's Top New Year's Resolutions For Your Pet

30th Dec 2014

Look at Dr Becker's number one resolution for your pet: "The most important thing pet owners can do for their pets' health in the New Year is improve the quality and species-appropriateness of the foo … read more

The Labelling of Pet Foods

14th Dec 2014

At Allprovide, we are extremely proud of our ingredients, and we only use the best. We also never have any "hidden extras" or potentially misleading descriptions, unlike (according to a recent article … read more


11th Dec 2014

Chocolate = Pet Poison! Be aware, and take care not to leave anything containing chocolate within your pet's reach this festive season!Remember that it is the cocoa solids that are the toxic part, so … read more

You, your pet, and MRSA

2nd Dec 2014

New research suggests that not only can you catch the MRSA bacteria from your dog or cat, but your pet can just as easily catch it from you!  Whilst MRSA infections in pets are rare, one can neve … read more