Avoiding Bloat - Naturally!

Bloat in dogs can be a killer - and sometimes by the time you've even noticed something is very wrong, it can be too late.  Dogs fed processed food are five times more likely to suffer from bloat, according to a great article by Dr Peter Dobias, published by Dogs Naturally Magazine.  Bloat (or Gastric Dilation Volvulus) mainly affects large chested breeds such as Danes, Dobermans and Ridgebacks, and is caused by the twisting of the stomach and gas formation.

Whilst the reasons why the stomach twists are uncertain, you can take five easy precautions to minimize the risk of your beloved dog developing bloat.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the number one step recommended by Dr Dobias is the avoidance of grain based pet food and kibble.  So feeding Allprovide can significantly reduce the likelihood of bloat!  For the full article, click this link.