Raw Beef Knuckle Bone (1 pack)

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Raw Beef Knuckle Bones (1 pack)

Sourced from 100% grass-fed Georgia raised beef cattle.


One pack contains one beef knuckle bone weighing approx. 2-3 lbs.  Sizes will vary depending on availability.

These bones are great for tooth and gum health, as well as providing healthy entertainment and mental stimulation for your dog!


PLEASE NOTE: When ordering dog food and knuckle bones, we can only fit a total of 20 lbs in one box.  For example, if you order 18 lbs of food, we can fit one knuckle bone (2 lbs) in your order; if you order 16 lbs of dog food, we can fit two knuckle bones (4 lbs).


Feeding Instructions: Always supervise your dog when feeding bones.  Use as a recreational treat once or twice a week and discard after use.  Not to be fully consumed.  Please note that prolonged chewing can cause wear to your dog’s teeth.


Safe handling: Please keep frozen until ready to use.  May be fed frozen if required.  Keep all raw foods away from other foods, and wash hands, utensils and work surfaces thoroughly after handling raw bones.


For supplemental feeding only.  Not for human food.


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Kim 11th Jan 2016

Good bones

I ordered one of these knuckle bones and was very impressed with the quality. I think I should have gotten a smaller bone for my dog but she still enjoyed it. I brush her teeth daily, but I like the option of a high quality bone for her to chew on occasionally too. I am impressed with the All provide food and the customer service they provide. I called with some questions. My questions were answered and I was invited to call back if I have any more concerns in the future. They really seem to care about the pets who eat their food.

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