Meet Our Sponsored Dog



Meet Our Sponsored Dog!

This chocolate brown bundle of fur is Arielle - Allprovide's very own sponsored dog.

She is 8 weeks old, and already loving her Allprovide Puppy food.  She has just embarked on a training course which eventually will enable her to become the full time service dog of Tom (pictured) who suffers from Muscular Distrophy.

Even at this young age, she is showing exceptional promise as she already knows her name, comes when called, walks on a lead and has mastered climbing stairs!

She is being trained by Jill, an experienced trainer who came to us looking for a natural raw complete diet to feed to her puppy.  After hearing Tom's story, we were delighted to be able to offer to sponsor and feed Arielle so that Jill could concentrate on her training whilst knowing she was feeding the best without having to worry about measuring or ensuring the puppy was getting everything she needed to develop.

We hope to provide regular updates about Arielle's progress so make sure to keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page to see how she gets on!





Jill Olsen, Arielle's trainer sent us this great picture of Arielle playing in the recent snowfall.  

She is now attending puppy training classes, and already knows her name, come, sit, down and leave it!  

She's now learning to master going down stairs and asking to go outside.  Jill reports that she is thriving on her Allprovide diet, has gained around 4 lbs in two weeks, and has a great, super soft coat as well as boundless energy!



Delivery Day!

Jill reports:

"Arie came into the kitchen when I was unpacking the food box.  She of course tried chewing on the box but didn't get very far.  I opened the box and then the cooler.  Arie went crazy, jumping up on the box and barking incessantly at the top of her lungs.  When I put some packages in the freezer, I turned back to see Arie with her head in the cooler and dragging a package of food out.  She was very noisey about giving it up.  She REALLY likes this food!"



Wheelchair Training

This is Brandon, a student at Jill Olsen's school, helping to train Arielle learning to walk next to a wheelchair.


She has now completed her puppy class and continues to learn new things.  She is learning to solve puzzles by moving, sliding, pulling strings on drawers and levers to move drawers to get treats.


She catches on very quick and loves it.  She is very intelligent! 



Tom & Arielle

Jill reports:

"We continue to work with Tom a couple of times a week, have gone to a retirement home and she goes to school with me for about an hour each week to meet and great all sizes and shapes who are wearing a variety of different clothing.

She is now 3 1/2 months old and growing and thriving on the Allprovide puppy food. She's up to 20lbs now but is sleek and the vet says she is doing great. You can definitely see where she is losing her fuzzy, dull puppy coat and her long shiny adult coat is coming in. People say her coat is like a seal's because it is so shiny!"





Five Months On

Arielle is now 5 months old. She is much calmer now and has a much longer attention span. She is retrieving specific objects, now that she has the whole retrieving idea down. She has been able to catch a ball for about a month now which helps her overall concentration, focus and coordination.

She is learning to open doors and to walk quietly next to the wheelchair keeping pace with both Brandon and Tom. "Waiting" on command seems to be something she does very well. She waits until released, even with a bowl off food in front of her.  She is learning to wait while the wheelchair goes through a doorway and then following behind and catching up.


She continues to go to local stores with me and is getting much better about not soliciting attention from other shoppers, even when they make eye contact with her and tell her how cute she is. She walks quietly next to me with a loose lead and doesn't try to touch things on shelves.

She continues to eat her food with enthusiasm!