*TEMP OUT OF STOCK* Box of Raw Marrow Bones (10pc)

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Box of Raw Beef Marrow Bones 


One box contains ten beef marrow bones, each weighing approximately 1-2 lb and measuring between 6"-8" in length.

Total box weight approximately 13 lbs.


These bones are great for tooth and gum health, as well as providing healthy entertainment and mental stimulation for your dog!

Ideal for both large and small breed dogs.


Feeding Instructions: Always supervise your dog when feeding bones.  Use as a recreational treat once or twice a week and discard after use.  Not to be fully consumed.  Please note that prolonged chewing can cause wear to your dog’s teeth.


Safe handling: Please keep frozen until ready to use.  May be fed frozen if required.  Keep all raw foods away from other foods, and wash hands, utensils and work surfaces thoroughly after handling raw bones.


For supplemental feeding only.  Not for human food.

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