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Top Notch!


Posted by Tina

I wanted to take a moment to tell you my dogs are thoroughly enjoying the food from All Provide.  I have 
put the beef, chicken and turkey into their food rotation...and all three are a hit.  

Ok...in all honesty, I have four Labs, we all know Labs are notorious for being the least picky eaters.
However, as a dog owner, I'm not so easily impressed...and the food from All Provide has impressed me.
From the supreme quality ingredients to the convenient one pound packaging to the super-fast shipping, 
All Provide is top notch. 


fullsizerender.jpgProud to represent a great company!

Posted by Sharon

Just wanted to thank you for making such fresh and nourishing food for my fur friends. 
This "dapper" young Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever, Rascal, says thanks too! He gets excited each time the box arrives . He was a very picky eater before I found you!
Warm regards!





Posted by Amy Meltz

Mocha's veterinarian prescribed a change in diet at her last visit. She was diagnosed with food allergies, so AllProvide was just what the doctor ordered. She has (since starting her Allprovide) no longer been breaking out with hot spots on her skin, no longer been rubbing her face and her bottom into the ground, and she loves the taste. We are happy campers around our house ;)) 

Thank you Allprovide for great products!!



3 picky cavaliers

Posted By: N/A

Mealtime had become a struggle for me. I wanted my 3 to eat together at the same time. They were extremely picky and never seemed to really like what I fed them but somehow they were gaining weight. It was hard to tell who was really eating from what bowl. I read about health benefits of preparing your own but really didn't want to commit. Read about Allprovide, decided to give it a try (only been with it about a month and have only tried turkey) but mealtime is now healthy and happy. Three mouths go into their own bowl and don't come up until it is gone!!!!



Cavaliers love it!

Posted By: Janice M.

My 4 Cavaliers, 3 seniors and one young dog, all love this food. I've been feeding various brands of raw food since my young one developed a digestive problem that presented with diarrhea, vomiting, protein and weight loss and also anemia. I did an allergy sensitivity test on him and discovered he has many allergies. I decided to switch to raw. All of my Cavs have been doing great with a raw diet. I decided to try Allprovide after seeing holistic vet Dr. Judy Morgan recommends it. My first trial bag came and the substitution of beef for chicken was done as asked. I believe they have great customer service and I plan on ordering again. 



A Successful Raw Feed

Posted By: Judy A.

I have fed raw for about two years trying several expensive brands.. but decided that making my own, which included grinding bone, was most cost effective for me. Especially because I foster small breed rescues and can have 10 dogs with me at times. So, I thought I would give this a try. Not only was I impressed with the price... something I could actually afford, I was even more impressed with the ingredients. I fed all five small dogs this product. They all loved it. and had normal bowel movements the next day. I absolutely recommend this product. Thank you AllProvide.



 Awesome results for my dog with Inflammatory Bowel Disease!

Posted by Sarah C

My holistic vet (Dr Judy Morgan DVM) raved about this food & suggested I try it for my dog who has IBD (currently managed holistically with no Western medicine for over a year). I had been using a much more costly commercial raw food. I was initially so impressed when I called the company & asked questions of a very knowledgeable gentleman, then placed my first order & received excellent discounts. The first order came on dry ice, so easy & convenient! My dog is thriving on this food & I am now giving to my other dog who is 14 1/2. The food is fresh, unbelievably fresh & it is delivered to my door. I highly recommend this food. It is extremely reasonably priced which is a bonus, in fact it is probably less expensive than many premier brands of kibble. I am telling everyone about this food !!



Best food I've found!!!

Posted by Debora

I've been using Allprovide food for my family of toy poodles now for over 6 months and this is the BEST food I've found!!! I've tried several all raw food companies and Allprovide is totally the best:)



My dog LOVES it! (Updated)

Posted by Bea

Hi AllProvide family! I just wanted to update you on how Kona has been doing since going raw.  For the past year and a half she has had severely elevated liver enzymes, (ALT 586, Alk Phos 244). After doing an ultrasound a year ago it was discovered she had a cyst on her liver which they thought was causing the increased levels. After her most recent blood work in June and still no improvement in her liver enzymes I decided to make some changes.  I heard about AllProvide from Judy Morgan DVM, a pro-raw holistic vet on Facebook, and decided to give it a try.  I started Kona on your turkey and beef this past June.  After 3 months on raw and turmeric paste, I decided to re-do her blood work last week. Everything was back to normal!! Her ALT is back down to 68 and Alk Phos is at 32!  Thank you!  At almost 12 years old Kona is the enjoying the best food she has ever had and is the healthiest she has ever been.



Saved my dogs life! 

Posted By: Heather

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this product!!! I am CONVINCED this has saved my dogs life. My dog has congestive heart disease and was given 3 months (MAX) to live. My dog was on his deathbed every day. It was so hard to watch. He slept all day and when he wasn’t sleeping, he was coughing is brains out and falling over. I had him on the most aggressive medicine treatments we could put him on, and he was still in rough shape. 

Out of desperation, I tried researching it a little bit. I read that, although it is thought to be genetic and not sure what causes it, there was a theory that a lack of l-carnitine can contribute to this devastating disease. Animal products like meat, fish, poultry, and milk are the best sources of l-carnitine. I started feeding him raw meet at the time, but felt he was being shorted b/c it was things like chicken breasts and ground beef, he was missing more of the full animal (tendons, bone, blood, etc). One day when I went to the petstore to buy his “usual” food, a rep was there stocking this food and overheard me talking about the food he was on and gave me a box of this product. I was reluctant to change, but decided to give it a shot. After I read the ingredients, I was pretty excited that this was the kind of thing I was looking for. 

My dog LOVES this food and looks and feels amazing. He has now lived for almost 2 years! He gained his healthy weight back. His hair has grown back and his coat is GORGEOUS and silky. Every vet & cardiologist he went to "can't believe it." He’s not healed of the disease, but his health has leveled out and we’ve even been able to cut back on some medications! 

I am so grateful every day for his preserved health and truly believe this food had a huge contributing factor! 


Great Food!!! 

Posted By: David

Easy to order, easy to portion, no stinky smell. Shipped right to my door in 2 days of order and still frozen. The customer service here is also excellent and very quick to respond. Best of all, my dogs love it. Couldn't ask for more. 


Fresh and convenient 

Posted By: Sharon

If you have been wanting to feed your dogs a raw diet, but find the idea costly or intimidating, this is the answer. Fast, easy ordering and delivery....fresh wonderful food for your furry family members. Could not recommend it more. And my dogs would agree. Love, love , love it.


kona2.jpgMy dog LOVES it!

Posted by Bea

Hi!  I have buying your food for a couple months now and my dog Kona loves it!  I never thought I would feed a raw diet but my vet checked out your website and gave your ingredients the thumbs up.  I am extremely happy with your food and my dog has been doing great on it, even with her sensitive stomach and acid reflux (which seems to have improved since going raw).  


Thanks again! I have been happily recommending you all to everyone I know with a dog!

This is DOG Food?! 


Posted By: Catherine

I recently toured your facility which boosted my confidence in the safety of your products and seeing receipts proving that indeed the ingredients come from places that put food on my plate when I eat out, assured me of the quality of your products. I purchased several of the different varieties as I was going to be feeding 22 of my 23 dogs, (still working on the one that thinks raw food is from outer space or something if it's not pork) 15 of whom were puppies. Every-time I opened a package, I'd comment (and still do) that this smells like something I would and could eat - it truly does, I'm amazed every time I open one of them on how good it smells. The dogs all loved it, and so did the puppies. Some of the pups preferred different flavors over the other, but all in all, no one left the table hungry and some stayed around licking the serving tray as if doing so would make more magically appear, which it did, at the next meal time. I'm glad to be able to offer a product to my fur family that doesn't contain "mystery meat" of unknown sources from a company who is not afraid to say where their products are sourced. Thanks for a great product and for helping to bring good health to our four footed family members. Continued good health to you and yours as well, and the best wishes for getting your product out on more shelves!  


Total health turn around for our pup 

Posted By: Tamira Sears

When we got our pup she had a double ear infection and pneumonia. Eating All Provide has helped this little girl become 100% healthy, happy and hearty with NO HEALTH issues at all! Would not change from this product! Looking forward to having treats available if possible too~ 



Weaning Paste

Posted by Jeri Caldwell

Hey Guys,

Just wanted you to know that my litter of 9 is close to leaving home and I used the weaning paste for the first time on them.  For the FIRST time, I had no loose stools when weaning!  I love it and so did they.  Very happy with this product.  Here’s to two or three future champions in this litter started right with All Provide.

Here are the nine puppies waiting for their All Provide!  I have shown dogs for 34 years and have 54 champions to my credit,  the weaning paste made raising a litter so much easier.  Thanks, Jeri



Great for GI issues 

Posted By: Bea Adams

I thought I would give "real" food a try since my dog had developed reflux/esophigitis. Not only does she love this food but she has not had any GI issues while on it. I was a little concerned since the fat content is higher than her "low-fat kibble" but she hasn't had any trouble digesting the turkey. The gassy, belching dog is gone...thankfully!! 


My Dogs and I Love Allprovide 

Posted By: Eileen Madrigale

My dogs and I all love Allprovide. I couldn't make this myself for the same cost I pay for it, and I don't have to drive to the store to get it. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. My sister in law has switched to it. Her fussy eaters now go bananas for their food. She was amazed. 



Starting pups off right 

Posted By: raynay

I have been feeding raw for many years and am thrilled to find this. On time delivery, still frozen. The food is incredible! 

My latest litter of labs was started on this food. Nothing but praise for this food and the company. Personnel are super too!! 


Excellent dog food 

Posted By: Jill Davis

As always, delivered next day, very fresh. I've never been disappointed and my dogs love the food, even the picky one! 



Turkey: a great formula for dogs with chicken issues 

Posted By: Amy Marshall

I got a chance to sample several formulas from the AllProvide line and I have to give a special shout out for the turkey formula. While my dog loves all raw food, he seems to have some sensitivities to chicken if fed it several days in a row. The turkey meal was great for my dog since he loved the Turkey blend and it was a nice alternative for dogs which chicken sensitivities or allergies. Plus, the packaging is so convenient and mess free for me which is a major win :) 


Best raw dog food !! 

Posted By: Susanff

My dogs absolutely love love love the food!!! Before Allprovide, I have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on the raw meat, constantly looking for sales and bargens. It seemed like I spent hours in the kitchen chopping, grinding and mixing...not to mention the stress to balance it all together ( add 10% of this and no more than 5% of that ) constantly worrying if my dogs were getting proper nutrition. But now, all I have to do is open a pouch and drop the food in their bowls with a complete confidants they are getting 100% balanced meal. 


Thank you guys for making my life much easier and my dogs tummies happier !!! 


Switching from Blue Buffalo to ALLPROVIDE was the very best 

Posted By: Marc wilkinson

I really thought that I would have had an extremely difficult time getting Brooklyn to eat and enjoy a raw diet but to my surprise she took to it on the very first day like the champion that she is. And after the first ten days I notice that her skin was clearing up, something that her vet and I have been dealing with off and on now for the past few years. Her skin has never reacted positively to any medication as fast as it did after changing her diet from Blue Buffalo which to all in the animal world is suppose to be of the line food. Thank You allProvide my vet bills will be much cheaper thanks to your raw food which I am finding out now is way much better for our K-9 counter parts. 



From Dana:


I ran into the lovely gentlemen who run All Provide at the Chicago AKC dog show on a very blizzardy Sunday. They gave me a box of All Provide to try out on my 4 month old Mini Daschund Gunnar.  I've done my research- picking a dog food these days is hard - and this is exceptional quality puppy food. All the right stuff! My 15 year old son says he'd even eat it. 


Gunnar is now 6 months old - he LOVES his All Provide food. He gets so excited at meal time it's a little annoying. His eyes are bright, his coat is so smooth and shiny people comment on it all the time. I tell them I feed All Provide and it's just like human food - if you put good food in the benefits show on the outside. 


Run do not walk to the All Provide website and order some today. BTW - they even make that easy. Free 2 day shipping and your food arrives still frozen! 



polo.jpgFrom Diana Audiffred:

AWESOMENESS!  After careful reviews and a phone call to them, I ordered this fabulous product. When I called, David was very patient and well knowledged of this food. I received the big box and it was still frozen and well packaged, from Georgia to Texas. 

Polo absolutely loves this food, thank goodness!  You can not go wrong with this food. 



From Sharon Gismondo:

sharon.jpgFor the picky eaters!  I did a lot of research before I chose this product.  My final decision was up to the dogs because everything else looked excellent.  I first ordered the chicken and veg at the introductory rate, figuring I had not much to lose.  My picky Wire Fox Terrier ate like she never ate before!  Now I order the Beef and Veg and she loves that even more!  My other guy will eat anything, but when I bring out Allprovide he is at my feet waiting.  Very happy with the food, delivery and customer service!!!! 


 From Cathy Rogers:

The day the Weaning Paste arrived my puppies were barely 4 weeks old. I could not believe how they dug right in. I was a little fearful they would have upset tummies from overloading their little bellies. But, there was no digestive upset at all. They are gaining steadily and this has taken so much stress off of Mom.



From Marilyn Gruber:

1.jpgIn the last three months I have received three bulk pack deliveries of your product. They arrive on time, are thoughtfully packaged to prevent thawing and I can reuse the containers after shopping at my favorite organic fresh market to keep my produce cool on my drive home. 

I began feeding raw long before it became available in select pet stores and I absolutely love the convenience of having it delivered to my farm in Florida. There is no question as to the freshness of your product. Never an odor even after days in the refrigerator. It is probably fresher than some meats at the local grocery store!!! My Old Time Scotch Collie's hair is glossy without any signs of dander and of course he exhibits all the advantages of being on a raw food diet! 

Prior to All Provide I was feeding a complete, all natural dehydrated dog food but found it cost prohibitive. I came across All Provide at a local dog show and decided to give it a try and found it to be so convenient and also affordable! I know there are other brands out there cost less but after looking at their product and ingredient list I just can't compromise quality!! From one who has been feeding raw since the 90's I rate this product as excellent. My only suggestion would be to add a grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef patty to the selection! 



 From Diane Miller:sadie.jpg

First of all, I am so impressed with the owner's of this company. They were so willing to answer all my questions, and even sent me a sample of their food. The sample sent had a transit delay due to bad weather conditions. The package arrived a day later than planned; however, it was in great shape!  I ordered a bulk package this week (since I have a larger breed and wanted to be adequately prepared once I'd start the diet). I started Sadie on the chicken and vegetables this afternoon. I also decided to cook her food since I will be transitioning her over from kibbles.   Cooking it was extremely easy, quick, and without a mess. Sadie really enjoyed her "gourmet" meal. Not only did she eat the food without hesitation, she licked her bowl and went sniffing around trying to find more. 

I'm hoping the transition will be easy, and without problems. If so, I know I have made a good decision on her behalf. 

Here's a picture of my girl "Sadie".  She's a 22 month old Plott Hound, and what an awesome girl she is!  A neat fact is that this breed is named after my family on my paternal side. 


From Sharon:

I have 2 dogs - 1 is a very picky eater, the other will eat anything you put in front of him. I can tell you since I switched to Allprovide, they both race to their bowls as soon as I put it down. I feel good because I know it is so fresh and healthy for them!

I will never go back to canned food.


From Cathy:

My dogs (all 7 of them, including one in whelp) have been on Allprovide for only a week. The transition has been so smooth. No intestinal upsets at all. They gobble their food down. Even my fussy pregnant girl is waiting anxiously for her next meal. You can't ask for more than that! I will be back in a month to update this. I feel confident things will continue as well as they are now. BTW, I did cook the food for the pregnant girl. It smells good enough to eat myself. 


From Ken:

I recently attended the International Kennel Club Dog Show in Chicago, and visited the AllProvide booth. I purchased a four-pound box of their raw chicken and vegetables, and my dogs loved it. I placed an order for a bulk amount, which arrived in a timely manner, still frozen. I've used a raw diet for my dogs for many years, and am very pleased with the quality of All Provide's products. The freshness is obvious, and the shipping is excellent. A very good company to know.


 From Carol:

I am feeding the senior dog version of all:PROVIDE. My 2 dogs absolutely love it. Ordering on line was easy and the product was delivered as promised and was still frozen. The best!


From Kristen:

My ten month old papillon, Zoey, was having problems on a very expensive name brand food. She was scratching and her eyes were runny. The judge at Brooksville said she was underweight and looked sick. She would take some of her kibble and spit it out in front of us. She would turn her nose up at the expensive canned food. She loves the chicken Allprovide and licks the plate! Immediately we saw a difference in how clear her eyes were, and she stopped scratching at her ears and chewing on herself. She has put on some weight and her rib cage has filled out. Her coat is softer and she is finally getting the ear fringe. We tried a bunch of different dog foods, and this is the best!


From Danita Slatton:

sadie.jpg Kudos to Allprovide!! You guys are the best! I purchased your raw food at the Indy Dog Shows & my dogs love it. They started doing their happy dance at feeding time again. I placed a small order to hold me until Tuesday when I plan to visit their plant. I ordered it at 3pm yesterday & just received it today at 10am. Now that is excellent customer service! I look forward to working with you in the years to come to keep my dogs at their optimum health level! Thank you, Allprovide!!Danita Slatton

Castle Reg. Sussex, Clumber & Field Spaniels, AKC Breeder of Merit